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One to One Training Sessions


If you have a puppy and want to start off on the right “paw”, I can arrange a One to One session to advise the family where to start to ensure that you finish up with a well rounded, happy and well behaved much loved addition to your family.

Adult Dogs

All dogs benefit from basic training to make them a sociable and happy member of the family.

If you own a dog and are unsure where to begin with your training, I can arrange a One to One session to show you where to start using positive reward based training, which can include clicker training where appropriate.

One to One training sessions at home can be very beneficial as the whole family can join in, which will ensure the dog has continuity of training with all the household members following the same training programme.


During most dogs’ lives problems will arise, but if correctly dealt with it should be possible to resolve them.

On my first visit I will take notes and fill in a pre- training assessment and discuss your dog’s lifestyle and problems that you wish to address and then leave you with a clear brief on training, exercises and lifestyle changes you need to implement.

Pre Training Assessment session from £40.00
One to One Training Sessions from £25.00 per hour

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