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ProDog Walking with Basic Training

I only walk one dog at a time ( I am insured to walk six), because I feel each dog rightly deserves my full time and attention in order to make their walk a special time in their day.

I am happy to walk more dogs if they live in the same house or if you feel it would be beneficial to your dog to be walked with a suitable friend.

During the walk I will teach your dog basic commands such as sit, walking to heel, wait at the curb, stay and recalls on the lead, all of these will only be taught in a fun way using positive reward based training methods.
Dogs only know what we have taught them or what we have allowed them to get away with.

Basic training walks will not only provide your dog with physical exercise but also much needed mental stimulation.

Dog Walking from £12

Please note prices may vary depending on the travelling distance to collect your dog/dogs for walking.

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