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Doggie Day Care Centre

We offer a small and friendly Doggie Day Care Centre set in a private 40 acres of stunning Hertfordshire Countryside, run by an experienced, animal loving husband and wife team, where all dogs are treated as individuals and have a fantastic time, full of love, care, attention and loads of fun for hours, all for little more than the cost of hiring a dog walker.

We have large enclosed outdoor dog paddock with fun agility equipment and lots of toys for dogs to run around and play with other friendly dogs.

paw bullet points   All day entertainment and fun for your Dog!
  No more home alone and bored dogs!
paw bullet points   An exercised dog is a very happy dog!
  Enclosed outdoor play area with Agility Equipment and lots of toys.
paw bullet points   Lead walking in a tranquil, safe and private 40 acres of beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, allowing dogs plenty of fresh air away from any roads and unhealthy traffic pollution.
  Puppy Crèche: Puppies require a considerable amount of attention, training and socialisation from a young age to encourage them to develop into happy and well-behaved adult dogs. Our crèche allows puppies to socialise and play with other puppies and suitable adult dogs in a fun, positive and stimulating environment, therefore giving them the very best start in life.
  On-site CCTV.
paw bullet points   Indoor play and chill out area.
  Whole and half days.
paw bullet points   ADTB approved instructor.
  Located in Newgate Street Village, Nr Cuffley, Hertfordshire.

Collection and Delivery:
Any collection or delivery at properties where our professional driver/experienced dog handler is unable to park on or across the owners driveway, we will either have two members of our team in attendance or an escort vehicle will accompany the driver to those properties where we are not guaranteed what we would consider safe parking, as we will not leave our vehicles out of our view with dogs on board whilst collecting and delivering other dogs.

The security and safety of dogs in our care is paramount to us. All routes are carefully planned to ensure dogs spend the least amount of time in transit to or from our Doggie Day Care Centre.

We firmly believe that "Every Dog Deserves a Happy Day" so let us make that happen for your dog during times when you are out at work, on a shopping trip, family events or at any other time your dog would otherwise be left at home, alone and bored for hours.

Our ethos for our Doggie Day Care Centre is that dogs are joining us for a day or half day of fun and fresh air and not to spend any part of that time isolated in a kennel or room, unless the dog chooses to have a doze in our chill out area.

Whole and
Half Days
from £15
Home Boarding

Contact details

07904 066360

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Home Boarding

As an animal lover and owner for over 25 years, I know how holidays can be very stressful with constant worry that “the animals are alright!”

Sometimes we are extremely disappointed, upset and annoyed that despite paying for proper care, our pets don't always receive what we paid for. We CAN and WILL do so much better!

Dogs that are home boarding with us will join us at our Doggie Day Care Centre during the day for lots of fun and games and will sleep overnight in our home as part of our family.

Dogs can bring anything they wish with them to make them feel at home during their stay (this does not include bringing family children to stay with them! Sorry).

Dogs should bring their own food with them, because we believe to change not only a dogs environment but also its diet is detrimental and unsettling for a dog. We are more than happy for owners to ring, text, email or WhatsApp us during their holiday to get updates and pictures.

Our aim is for owners to enjoy their holiday in the knowledge that their much loved dog is receiving the love, care and attention every dog deserves.

One dog from £35 per night (this includes the cost of attending our Doggie Day Care Centre).

All dogs must have a current vaccination certificate and have been regularly treated for worms and fleas.

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